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Estate Legal can help you obtain probate, letters of administration or reseals for estates that have assets in New South Wales.

Our motto:  Professional, Cost Effective, Efficient





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Obtaining Grants of Probate, Letters of Administration 

Executors for estates with substantial assets will either need to obtain probate or letters of administration. We can tell you whether the estate you are looking after will need probate or letters of administration, and then guide you through the process.

Other Services

Drafting wills, including testamentary trusts.

Preparing power of attorneys

Appointment of enduring guardians

If probate or letters of administration has been obtained outside New South Wales, however if the deceased has assets in New South Wales, then reseals of probate or letters of administration may need to be obtained in New South Wales.

We can guide you through this process. 

Reseals of Probate or Letters of Administration

Once probate or letters of administration has been granted, executors would need to administer and deal with the assets of the estate.  We can assist you with this process.

Administration of Estates

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Estate Legal is a Sydney law firm which focuses only on estates and their administration.  We are committed to making it easier for people to obtain probate or letters of administration for estates with assets in New South Wales.

Our service is designed to be cost-effective, simple and easy for you to work with.

The two founding principals of Estate Legal are:

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James Lane

BA LLB Sydney University

James is a lawyer with 25 years experience

Seeyan Lee

BCom LLB  University of New South Wales

Seeyan is a lawyer of more than 10 years experience


We offer a fixed fee service which starts at just $1,500.  

Our fixed fees represent a discount on the fees set out in the Supreme Court Scheduled Costs for Legal Service for Probate and Administration Matters.

Value of Assets                                 Costs Payable

$125,000 - $500,000                           $1,500

$500,000 - $1 million                          $2,000

$1 million - $2 million                         $2,500

Over $2million                                    Contact us for Quote

The fees quoted exclude GST and any third party fees, including valuation, advertising and filing fees. 
There are some costs which you may have to meet that are outside of our services and charged by third parties. This will include court filing fees and may also include valuation fees when assets such as houses are valued, or the fees for advertising for unknown creditors.

The above fees include a set scope of services which we will discuss with you.  If additional work is required outside of the set scope, we will discuss with you before proceeding and any additional work done will be charged at our hourly rates.  




  • Do I need probate or letters of administration?

  • What is probate?

  • What are letters of administration?

  • When should Probate be applied for?

  • Do I need a will before Probate or Letters of Administration can be dealt with and the assets of the deceased can be dealt with?

  • Does the Supreme Court of NSW charge a fee to obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration?

  • What is an executor?

  • Can you get out of being an executor?

  • What do you need to do as an executor?

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Please contact us using the contact form below.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.  We will then discuss your query with you further and if you wish, provide you with a quote for our services.

In the meantime, please feel free to download one of our factsheets for further information.

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